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How To Book


Select the "Book Now" Tab

You will be directed to our booking portal..


Choose Your Service

  • Select either "Transfer Service" or "Hourly Services" based on your needs.


Enter Pickup Details

  • Pickup Time and Date: Select your desired pickup time and date.

  • Pickup Address: Enter the address where you will be picked up.

  • Drop-off Destination: For transfer services, enter your drop-off location.

  • Additional options 

  • Round Trip: Select the "Round Trip" tab if you need a round trip.

  • Additional Stops: Select "Additional Stops" if your journey includes multiple stops


Select Your Vehicle

  • Choose the vehicle that best suits your needs and select "Book."


Get a Quote

  • After filling out the ride details, click "Get Quote or Book."
  • A price quote will be displayed for each type of vehicle.


Provide Contact Information

  • Enter your email address.

  • For hourly services, also specify the number of hours needed next to the email box.


Enter Payment Information

  • You will be prompted to enter your payment information.


Reservation Processing

  • Once the payment form is filled out, our reservation system will receive your request, and an account executive will be notified.



  • The account executive will confirm the details with you.If all details are confirmed, the account executive will send you a credit card authorization form.

Complete Booking


  • Fill out and send back the credit card authorization form to the account executive.

  • The account executive will then process your payment, send you a receipt, and email you a booking confirmation.


  • No payment will be processed until after the credit card authorization form is submitted.

  • The entire process is designed to ensure accuracy and give you peace of mind before any financial transactions.

This streamlined process allows for easy and secure booking of Black Truck Atl services.

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